Create a Habit of Personal Development




When it comes to success we need to consistently participate in self development that will aid us in reaching our goals . Creating positive habits of successful people can be one of the more difficult but more beneficial changes a person can make early on with the goal setting and Leadership process. For anyone who wants to find success whether it be running your own business, going back to school to better yourself, or taking on a trade or art the best first step to take is to change ingrained negative habits in to positive ones. Below you will find 4 ways to start to change your Habits and begin to to work towards your goals.


1. Positive Thought– Change the way you talk to yourself and about yourself. Nothing is stronger than the power of belief. The more you say you can do something or are…

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Foreign interest in Nigeria’s capital market recovery

Foreign interest in Nigeria’s capital market recovery.

Will Africa ever benefit from its natural resources?

Will Africa ever benefit from its natural resources?.

The African Business Development Concept (Part 1)- The Business Idea

The Business Idea

There is no business without a principal idea. The idea is where the business story begins. The definition of a business idea can be said to be a concept mostly used for commercial purposes. It more often than not evolves around a service or goods that can be sold for money or traded in kind.

The billion dollar question is ‘how do we get great business ideas?” A few points are written below:

  1. Be curious and watchful
  2. Ask Questions
  3. Be perceptive
  4. Identify Problems around you and the society as a whole
  5. Read extensively
  6. Listen to people’s needs and desires
  7. Be Creative (Think outside the box)
  8. Ask friends for opinions wisely without divulging your entire ideas
  9. Always write the ideas down

There are certain questions we need to ask ourselves that could shapen our ideas or even create ideas:

  1. What is your Passion?
  2. What can you afford in terms of money and human resources?
  3. Who do I know?
  4. What are my skills and abilities

The next issue to discuss is how viable the business idea is. There is the need for a viability study before launching an idea. One has to thoroughly investigate the profitability of the idea to make sure it won’t just be a waste of resources but a successful business venture. The idea has to be realistic and practical, well analysed and evaluated to avoid a high rate of failure.

Subsequently, we would tackle the next stage of business development after our business idea hasn’t been conceptualized.

Just keep thinking and writing, Don’t give up!!

The Importance of Diversification

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket” is an old English idiom which means that one should not focus all of his or her resources on one hope, possibility or avenue of success. Interestingly this affects every aspect of our life and most people are guilty of not heeding to this wise counsel. Diversification doesn’t mean one should lose focus on his or her goals in life. It just means we should learn new things, open our minds new ideas, strategies and ways of doing things.

Lets embrace diversification instead of limiting ourselves. There are newer or reformed and better ways of doing things. When the old system doesn’t work any more we should look out there for newer ways or work on correcting the old ways and systems.

Aspects we need to diversify on:

  1. Jobs & Careers:
  2. Business Development
  3. Leadership
  4. Academics

Our sources of income are mostly all put in one basket. we involve all our energy in one job or career pursuit which is commendable but we forget how dynamic the world is. It’s important to put into consideration how much globalization and the past and current economic crisis has shaped the current demand for skills and expertise. In terms of investment, individuals and corporate bodies hardly look outside the box. Once there is a success story found in a particular field one notices a huge shift to that area till its saturated and less productive.

There is so much complaints on African Leadership ( please don’t get me wrong, I agree there is so much not being done by most of our African Leaders), but if there are not performing well do we just put all our eggs in one basket without looking for outside solutions. We owe it to our present and future generations to think outside the box and center our energies and resources into other productive opportunities and ideas.

I agree the idea of diversification normally calls for you to leave your comfort zone, might be more tiring with much more self involving  and resource demanding but with a higher rate of success and in the long run increased achievement.

The disadvantage of putting all one’s eggs in a basket:

  1. A higher possibility of repeated failure
  2. Misuse of new and existing opportunities
  3. Frequent cases of disappointment
  4. Snail’s Pace Progress
  5. Huge loss of available opportunities

Lets get innovative  and diversify. Throw away our fear of failure and reach desirable heights of success. Salaried earners should find other ways of earning because, with the current economy no job is 100% safe. Business Men and Women should think of different innovative ways of expanding and developing to avoid being left behind by the current global dynamism.

“Don’t put all your eggs in one basket

Are Our Leaders Hiding?

This post could have been titled ‘Where are our Leaders?’,but honestly that’s not the issue I wish to address presently, I’ll come back to the question later.

Earlier, I wrote a post on our future leaders but do we have a future without a present? I’m in a country with upcoming elections and an array of candidates that I find quiet disturbing. We the African Business community would like to know where the real candidates are hiding!

Are our leaders hiding in the corporate world? are they being hidden behind desks in the civil service or are they in the universities undergoing research or formulating policies that may never be implemented.

Why are skilled and able leaders not out there striving, fighting to lead Africa, why does Africa seem to have a recycle system of leadership; no wonder we move one step forward and a ten back.

If you are an African with leadership abilities, then stop complaining, whining and murmuring about the present state of Africa and start taking constructive actions towards the development of this continent. I am talking of development that cuts across all angles, levels and strata.

Lets’ start from our corner; offices, communities, schools, constituencies, local governments, districts, regions, states, provinces, countries, sub-regions and continent as a whole.

If you cannot lead then support the right leaders!

Leaders of Africa come out of your hiding places and lets’ unite to build our continent!  

The African Business Identity – Part 1

Whenever the word “business” is brought up either at a gathering in Africa or abroad, conversation in Africa or abroad or simply when the word is related to business with an African or just in Africa what comes to mind? What does the foreigner willing to do business with Africans or in Africa think of at that moment? That is where the “THE AFRICAN BUSINESS IDENTITY” comes into play.

Yes we need investments, we need to develop our industries, we need to take productivity to a whole new level, how else would we develop this great continent without these? but the question remains, what is “the African business identity”? Without an identity that every African can be proud of business development in Africa is a mirage.

Lets discuss what the African business identity should be? and lets bear in mind that I am fully conscious that there would be different views and perspectives but I strongly believe that there are  basic components that businesses in Africa should be grounded upon. in other words, what should be the principles behind the African business? if we can get that covered than we are definitely on our way to the kind of development we want.

10 Principles Behind the Identity

  1. Transparency
  2. Integrity
  3. Ambition and Drive
  4. Confidence
  5. Collective Responsibility
  6. Creativity
  7. High Standards for Quality
  8. Hardwork
  9. Patroticism
  10. Innovation

In subsequent series, the principles that I strongly believe should be behind the The African Business Identity would be explained and ways of implementation would also be stated.

Happy reading everyone!! please feel free to comment and remember, its our collective responsibility to develop Africa.

Who and Where are Our Future Leaders?

While undergoing my internship at the World Health Organization in Geneva, I was highly privileged to meet a unique set of Africans.  Africans who strongly believe in the development of Africa and have started carrying out practical steps in that commendable direction. Hence, the inspiration for this post.

Growing up in Africa, one meets several youth who can’t wait to shed their african identity. While schooling in France, I also met youth who would do practically almost anything to drop their identity.

The main question asked in this post is “Who and Where are our Future Leaders?” but underneath that major questions are sub questions such as: what the african identity really is?, (I’ll comment on that in subsequent posts.) amongst others.

I believe there are several Africans like the friends I met in Geneva out there. I recognise that they are very few and should therefore be highly treasured. But that’s not the issue at hand.
My main concern is how do we find them and secondly, how do we gather them together?

African businesses need people who believe in Africa not just those that are in for profits. The long-term goal should be a better Africa not just enriching the pockets of the already rich. The economic strength of a continent depends on more than the few extremely rich men in it but other extremely important factors like infrastructure, education, healthcare etc.

We complain daily about our governments and yet we live development solely to them. The private sector has a large role to play in the development of Africa. Lets start a hunt for the future leaders of Africa’s tomorrow. The question that arises is: how?

I’ll tell you in subsequent posts.



The Idea Behind The Blog

Welcome Everyone to the African Business Development Blog!

I am proudly African, and it would give me the greatest joy for Africa to outshine all other continents in terms of DEVELOPMENT. Unfortunately, that’s not the case. Hence this blog.

All my thoughts, dreams, ideas, plans and strategies for Africa would unfold in these pages.

I look forward to comments on my posts and those of others alongside ideas in the form of new posts.

I strongly believe that if businesses in Africa develop, Africa would develop. therefore let’s see it as our collective responsibility.


Lets’ roll up our sleeves and get to work!